Our athletic committee and coaches strive to create a fun and safe environment for Armenian youth to come together, train and compete in a variety of sports. Basketball, soccer, track & field, swimming, volleyball and tennis are the main sports that our boys and girls participate in.

Homenetmen athletics allows the Armenian youth to make new and life-long friends, gain a better understanding of one’s culture and history, learn leadership qualities, and just have pure fun. We participate in inter-chapter tournaments, regional and inter-region tournaments and the annual Navasartian Games in Los Angeles .

What do Athletes do?

  • Meet weekly to practice and learn important skills through the Homenetmen athletic curriculum, and to build strong friendships with fellow athletes.
  • Compete at tournaments organized by sister chapters. San Diego games, SF games, Fresno games, Las Vegas games and so on.
  • Participate at Navasartian games which are held annually and are organized by the Regional Executive Committee. Navasartian games are equivalent to Homenetmen Olympics with almost 5000 participants each year. The games include: Track and Field, Swimming, Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Tennis, Ping Pong and Chess.


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